Om Namo Veerabhadreshwaraya namah

Sri Undabanda Veerabhadra Swamy Devastanam is situated in between three villages; Palturu, Undabanda and Chikalagurki of Uravakonda taluk in Ananthapur district, Andhra Pradesh.


There is a story behind how this temple came into existence. It is believed that a farmer named Korappa Shetty of Konakondala village was responsible for the establishment of this temple. Hundreds of years back while Korappa Shetty was ploughing his fields, he found a statue burried in his fields. That night Sri Veerabhadra Swamy appeared in Korappa Shetty's dream and asked him to carry the statue he had found, on his bullock cart from Konakondala village. In his dream, he was instructed to lay the statue on the ground where his cart broke down.

Next morning, the astonished Korappa Shetty, did not think twice to set forth for the journey. He travelled with the statue on his cart untill noon waiting for it to breakdown. Since nothing happened untill then, he stopped by to have lunch. As soon as Korappa Shetty resumed his journey after lunch, the bullock cart broke down. Surprised with the follow of events, Korappa Shetty confirmed that it was god who had appeared in his dreams and laid the statue on the ground at that very point where his cart broke down as he was instructed. Since then, people started to believe that Sri Veerabhadra Swamy lives in this idol and hence they built a temple around this statue.


Sri Undabanda VeerabhadraSwamy devastanam view from the hill

News updates

  - Sri BhadrakhaSametha VeerabhadraSwamy     Utsav on 8th August 2016.

  - New Kalyana Mantapam is under construction.

  - Planning to construct some more Rooms.

Bhadrakali Sametha Veerabhadra Swaamini Darshinchukoni Swamy Krupaku Paatrulu Kandi

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